SurfEasy Online Privacy

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Introduction to your Private Browser

Just getting started with your new Private Browser? Watch this video for a few quick tips to help you get your Private Browser up and running. Browse the web it was meant to be, completely private and secure!

Leave No Trace

Web browsers know what you search for, what you share, even who you chat with but they're not very good at keeping that information private. With SurfEasy, personal data is never left behind on a computer for others to see.

Internet Privacy

There’s no telling who might be monitoring your activity or gaining access to your personal data on unsecured networks and public Wi-Fi hotspots. SurfEasy is the simplest way to ensure your security on any network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Data / Bandwidth Limit?

No! Your Private Browser offers unlimited data protection and encrypted browsing for the life of the key with no recurring fees.

What is SurfEasy VPN?

We also offer a service called (SurfEasy VPN), which gives you the same protection as the Private Browser, but without the USB Browser. It can be installed on your Phone, Tablet, or Computer. Try it for Free!

How do I Change Regions?

Click the Dashboard icon icon or the browser's dashboard. If you need further support, check our Support Pages at:

Welcome to SurfEasy!

The SurfEasy Private Browser is your personal, private and secure web-browser that you can use on any computer. Watch this video for some quick tips on getting started with your new Private Browser.


Welcome to SurfEasy. Let's Get Started!

The SurfEasy Private Browser is your personal, private and secure web-browser that you can use on any computer.

All of the data in and out of your SurfEasy Private Bowser is encrypted through our private network keeping it safe from prying eyes and hiding your identity from the websites you visit.

When you remove SurfEasy from the computer nothing is left behind, your passwords and browsing history stay protected on your SurfEasy key.

This tour will explain the features of your SurfEasy and help you get started. 

Private Network Identifier

The BLUE SurfEasy Bar indicates that you're connected to SurfEasy Private Network.

A RED SurfEasy Bar indicates that your browsing is not encrypted by the SurfEasy Private Network.

Did you know: Some networks monitor or block access to certain websites.  SurfEasy will bypass those firewalls letting you access any website from anywhere.

Private Local Search

SurfEasy offers a special Private Local Search feature that allows you to get local search results without sharing your identity with Google. You can customize or turn it off in the settings.

Change Your Network Location

The SurfEasy Private Network is hosted around the world.
By default, we'll connect you to the fastest location, but you can select a specific region from the Dashboard menu at any time.

Did you know: Changing your location allows you to access websites and content that may otherwise not be available in your country.

On-Screen Keyboard

Use the on-screen keyboard to enter sensitive information like passwords when using public computers, this will help protect you from key loggers. Once the keyboard has been activated, just click on any text input box to start typing.

Safely Quit SurfEasy

Easily quit and safely remove your SurfEasy key
by using the power button.

You're all set!

We hope you enjoy using SurfEasy! If you have any questions or concerns, check out our support pages for assistance.